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Each kart driver has a friend who asked to try his kart…

Surely it happened to all of you, I’m sure of that. You have your own kart, you treat it with kid gloves, but on Sunday you squeeze it on track. On Monday you tell your friends everything you’ve done the day before: you were braking like Senna, you were overtaking like Schumacher…
Your friends are listening you, probably they’re thinking that you’re just a overgrown kid who spends all his salary on that stupid fake race-car. Suddenly one of your friend says: “Hey, let me try it!”
You try to explain to your friend that it’s not a toy, it’s so damn fast, he has to be careful with it etc etc. Generally there are three kinds of reaction:
"Come on! They are driven by children, are you saying that I’m not able to drive it? "
- "Hey I’m able to race it, once I reached 178 km/h with my car! "
- "Once I drove a rental kart, I was really fast!"
In the end, even if you don’t know how, he convinced you. He wears your suit, your helmet and, in 99 cases out of 100, he will stop on the grass out of track after not even a single lap…
Did some of your friends ask you to try your kart? If yes, how did it go? How was his face? Tell us and we will publish the funniest story on the next issue of Vroom!
Send your texts to aroca@vroom.it!

Created by: www.vroomkart.com - 18/07/17

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