Ronnie Quintarelli is training at Lonato

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On Wednesday the SuperGT driver was training with the KZ in Lonato.

Ronnie Quintarelli is training to back in karting: the Italian driver is getting used to the shifterkart in Lonato, where he was testing with BirelRT team. He never raced a kart with the gearbox, but he demonstrated that he is still able to manage a kart. 

We asked him if he had any physical problem to shoulders or arms: "No problem, don't forget that I usually train with the kart even if they are KF or OK karts." Infact, Ronnie, is a Dunlop test driver with regards to kart tyres.  

His tests will continue in the following weeks, to be well prepared for the CIK-FIA event. 


Stay tuned!
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