Rok Cup International Final - Cecchi is the new Mini Rok Champion

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Federico Cecchi is the International Champion of the Mini Rok 2016.

Federico Cecchi is the International Champion of the Mini Rok 2016. The ACI Sport verdict (No.2 / 17) on the penalties imposed on the Russian driver Smal finally allows to crown the winner of the International Final in the Mini Rok category. The verdict officially crowns Cecchi as the champion and draws the podium definitively. Pietro Delli Guanti is second and Luca Bosco completes the podium in front of the Frenchman Evann Mallet and the American Jack Crawford.

The Mini Rok ranking had been placed sub judice in the post-race, when the competitor Energy Corse srl appealed to the decision of the Sports Judges (Document No. 237), which had imposed three seconds of penalties on the Russian Kirill Smal for the following reason: “The Driver no. 646 was causing an incident. In the Heat concerned he pushed the kart in front of him and following of this manoevre Driver no. 545 lost some positions (proved by relevant video sequence). Having considered the relevant video and after hearing the Entrant and Driver concerned, the Stewards assess this manoevre as an incident according to art. 11 rds 2016. This decision is made in application of art. 11 rds and art. 227 rns.”

According to the standings, now made official, the Rokkers who got on the podium will receive soon prizes and trophies and we will celebrate the appropriate International Mini Rok 2016 Champion Federico Cecchi.


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