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A couple of useful info before the third round of the X30 Euro Series in Wackersdorf.

We’re on our way to Wackersdorf, Germany for the 3rd race on the 2017 X30 Euro Series calendar. A superb facility set in the south of Germany approx. 160 km north of Munich and 100 km south of Nuremberg. Together with Stephan Fristch and his team we are looking forward to welcoming you all.  Below you will find some information about the event, we ask you to take some time to read through this and if  anything unclear or you need further clarification just let us know.

1. Track is closed 17, 18 & 19 July for race preparation.

2. Paddock gates of open 09.00 19 July.  A member of the RGMMC Team will available to assist with paddock parking.  If you have any special requirements please advise.

3. Upon arrival drivers must report to the RGMMC Race Office (situated in the main building on 1st floor) to complete their sporting checks.  For this you will need a valid, signed minimum International C license and valid, signed International Entrant license.  Drivers from the following countries will also require a start permission letter from their ASN giving permission to take part in this event. OMAN, UAE, KUWAIT, OMAN, LIBYA & ISRAEL. 

4. X30 Mini drivers will need a national license and letter from their ASN giving them permission to take part.  They must also be accompanied by their entrant when completing the sporting checks.

5. No driver is allowed on the circuit until this process has been completed.

6. First official practice starts Thursday 20 July at 09.00.  All drivers must show their official race numbers from this time.  The race numbers are the responsibility of the drivers to provide. 

7. In each Driver Pack you will receive passes for Driver, Mechanic & Entrant – these are barcoded, we ask that you wear these at all times as there may be areas you will be refused entry without them.

8. Should you need any extra passes for guests you can get these from the Race Office – free of charge.

9. Silencer for the exhaust – these are obligatory to use in Germany.  Information regarding this can be found on the front page of www.x30euro.com

10. You will now be aware that the obligatory purchase of 2 sets of wet race tires has now been taken off the entry fee.  RGMMC will ensure that all drivers have 2 sets of wet race tires available to them should they be needed.  Please refer to the Series Sporting Regulations on www.x30euro.com on how this distribution will take place.  If anything is unclear do not hesitate to contact us.

11. All RGMMC events run with the Unipro Clutch Control System.  RGMMC will provide the Unilogger, drivers must provide the cables.  We do carry a stock should you need them cost 190 euros per set.

12. All drivers must be in possession of a minimum 5 kg fire extinguisher suitable for oil/petrol fires.  A Fire Officer will be in attendance to check this.

13. Throughout the race weekend live timing and tv streaming can be found on www.telemundi.com

14. During this time our TV crew will be around the paddock.  If you are approached to take part in an interview we ask that you are dressed appropriately at all times.

15. If you are asked by our Media Team to be available for interview at a specific time and place please ensure that you report as directed.  At all times you must wear your race suit.

16. Podium winners must attend in race suit with helmet.

17. FRIDAY NIGHT GET TOGETHER …………..in the RGMMC Hosptality Awning all welcome to join us for drinks and snacks.

Press Release by: RGMMC - 05/07/17

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