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At its meeting on 19th June 2017 in Geneva, the FIA World Motor Sport Council took the following decisions on the basis of the proposals of the International Karting Commission.


The Homologation Regulations introduce a time difference of 4% between Prime and Option tyres of each manufacturer.
Date of application of the Technical Regulations and Homologation: 01/01/2018. This amendment will therefore concern the next tyre homologation period from 2020 onwards.


Introduction of Technical and Homologation Regulations for Minikart chassis, bodywork, bumpers and engines. The aim is to create a common basis for harmonising regulations between the different ASNs. The creation of any CIK-FIA Championship, Cup or Trophy for the Minikart category is not on the agenda.
Date of application: 01/01/2018.


Options for homologation of chassis, engines, brakes, carburettors and bodywork are no longer permitted. However, it will be permitted to homologate an engine with two pistons (two different segments). It will also be possible to homologate a brake with two different disc sizes.

Date of application of the new Technical and Homologation Regulations: 01/01/2018. This amendment will therefore concern the next homologation period with a validity from 01/01/2019.
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