CRG claimed its 47th European Championship in Spain

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The European Championship race held in Spain has handed the third victory in a row to Paolo De Conto, a result that earned him the mathematical certainty of winning the 2017 continental campaign.

CRG added another important title to its already rich prize list in Spain at the European Championship’s third round. The Italian outfit and Paolo De Conto, on CRG-Tm, secured in fact the KZ European title in the Asturias Principality at the Fernando Alonso Circuit. This raised CRG tally in European Championships to 47 titles, and that of shifter categories up to 23.
Another prestigious title has been taken by CRG at the European Championship thanks to Paolo De Conto, who has been victorious on CRG-Tm with chassis Road Rebel, showcasing once again the exceptional competitiveness of the Italian outfit in the most powerful category of karting – the shifter class. In its 30 years of history, CRG has also claimed a total of 39 World Championships and World Cups.
The success history of CRG at European Championships dates back to 1979, when Giancarlo Vanaria took the Formula C title. At the time CRG was in its infancy under the now famous Kalì-Kart brand. Among the 23 European Championships won by CRG in the shifter category, some have been won by great karting champions as 1996 and 2001 titles won by Alessandro Piccini in Formula C, those of 2003 taken by Alessandro Manetti in Super ICC, up to more recent times that celebrated the victory of the KZ and KZ2 European Championships taken by Jonathan Tonon in KZ2 in 2008,  Fabian Federer in KZ2 in 2011, Jorrit Pex in KZ1 in 2012, Max Verstappen in KZ in 2013, Rick Dreezen (Tinini Group) in KZ and Andrea Dalè in KZ2 both in 2014, and Fabian Federer in KZ2 in 2016.
CRG and Paolo De Conto raised the outfit tally to 47 European Championship titles in 2017 after three unquestionable wins scored in as many rounds of the CIK-FIA KZ European Championship held in Sarno (Italy), Genk (Belgium) and Oviedo close to Llanera (Spain). Only one round is left to go in Kristianstad (Sweden) but the lead built by De Conto is impossible to be challenged by any of his rivals, the Italian driver holds therefore the KZ European Championship firmly in his hands.
Up until now, CRG’s history featurs 39 World Championships and World Cups won, 47 European Championships and 65 International races. Paolo De Conto won his third European Championship and its second CIK-FIA title in a row on CRG-Tm, after winning the KZ World Championship last year in Kristianstad.
European KZ Championship after round 3: 1. De Conto Paolo (CRG-Tm) points 100; 2. Hajek Patrik 57; 3. Kremers Marijn 53; 4. Pex Stan (CRG-Tm) 53; 5. Lammers Bas 46; 6. Abbasse Anthony 40; 7. Iglesias Jeremy 34; 8. Puhakka Simo 31; 9. Dreezen Rick 29; 10. Corberi Luca 21; 11. Pex Jorrit (CRG-Tm) 21.
(and previous shifter categories)
2017: Paolo DE CONTO (I), KZ – CRG – TM / Bridgestone
Rd1 Sarno (I), 23.04.2017
Rd2 Genk (B), 14.05.2017
Rd3 Alonso (E), 11.06.2017
Rd4 Kristianstad (S), 30.07.2017 (da disputare)
2016: Fabian FEDERER (I), KZ2 - CRG / Modena / Vega
Rd1 Essay (F), 24.04.2016
Rd2 Adria (I), 05.06.2016
Rd3 Genk (B), 31.07.2016
2014: Andrea DALE’ (I), KZ2 - CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone        
Rd1 Genk (B), 15.06.2014
Rd2 Wackersdorf (D), 13.07.2014
Rd3 Kristianstad (S), 27.07.2014
2014: Rick DREEZEN (B), KZ - Zanardi / Parilla / Bridgestone
Rd1 Genk (B), 15.06.2014
Rd2 Wackersdorf (D), 13.07.2014
Rd3 Kristianstad (S), 27.07.2014
2013: Max VERSTAPPEN (NL), KZ - CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Rd1 Wackersdorf (D), 19.05.2013
Rd2 Genk (B), 30.06.2013
2012: Pex JORRIT (NL), KZ1 - CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Wackersdorf (D), 10.06.2012
2011: Fabian FEDERER (I), KZ2 - CRG / TM / Dunlop
Wackersdorf, (D), 12.06.2011
2008: Jonathan THONON (B), KZ1 - CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Rd1 Angerville (F), 04.05.2008
Rd2 Mariembourg (B), 29.06.2008
2003: Alessandro MANETTI (I), Super ICC - CRG / Pavesi / Dunlop
Rd1 Ugento (I), 25.05.2003
Rd2 Varennes (F), 27.07.2003
2001: Alessandro PICCINI (I), Formula C - CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Rd1 Corridonia (I), 22.04.2001
Rd2 Sosnova (CZ), 13.05.2001
Rd3 Carole-Paris (F), 01.07.2001
2000: Valerio SAPERE (I), ICC - CRG / Pavesi / Vega
Rd1 Mariembourg (B), 09.04.2000
Rd2 Val Vibrata (I), 14.05.2000
Rd3 Carole-Paris (F), 25.06.2000
1996: Stefan HAAK (D), ICC - CRG / TM / Dunlop
Rd1 Corridonia (I), 31.03.1996
Rd2 Bydgoszcz (PL), 19.05.1996
Rd3 Salbris (F), 01.09.1996
1996: Alessandro PICCINI (I), Formula C - CRG / Pavesi / Bridgestone
Rd1 Corridonia (I), 31.03.1996
Rd2 Bydgoszcz (PL), 19.05.1996
1993: Stefano MARCOLIN (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / TM / Dunlop
Val Vibrata (I), 05.09.1993
1992: Stefano RODANO (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / TM / Dunlop
Mariembourg (B), 06.09.1992
1989: Gianluca PAGLICCI (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Kalì / Bridgestone
Olomouc (CZ), 03.09.1989
1988: Vincenzo SAITTA (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Vega
Kecskemét (H), 04.09.1988
1987: Paolo PULLIERO (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Bridgestone
Magione (I), 30.08.1987
1986: Lamberto DI FERDINANDO (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Bridgestone
Pomposa (I), 31.08.1986
1985 Stefan FRIETSCH (D), Int.-B – Kalì Kart / Komet / Dunlop
Valence (F), 21.04.1985
1984: Richard FRANCHINI (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Dunlop
Axamo (S), 09.09.1984
1979: Jan SVANEBY (S), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Rotax / Bridgestone
Bydgosczc (POL), 02.09.1979
1979: Giancarlo VANARIA (I), FC - Kalì-Kart / Rotax / Bridgestone
Bydgosczc (POL), 02.09.1979

Press Release by: CRG Racing Team - 15/06/17

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