Hurting ribs and bent chassis in Spain

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Drivers are ready to dispute the qualifying sessions, but some problems already emerged.

Pain-killers injection for drivers' ribs and a lot of work to do for mechanics. That's the current situation in Oviedo before qualifying practices of the third event of the CIK-FIA European championships. 

The new Fernando Alsonso Circuit is a stressful one for both drivers and karts and people in the paddock are complaining about it. Ralf Schumacher posted on KSM Schumacher Facebook fan page his opinion:

"I'm very disappointed about this Race because we face a very unusual situation: "For the first time since I joined karting back again it feels totally wrong to race at a track like this. Don't get me wrong but I was trying to explain back in January after testing here for three days that the layout of the track is not the one we should be racing on at a CIK or FIA level. Now we are here and we destroy more material than you could imagine . This race is going to cost a fortune for all participants and only because a decision been taken by people that don't understand the need of karting. On top of that we risk the health of our drivers which again is unbelievable . One can only hope that people start to listen to the teams that we can avoid this in the future."

Everyone agrees with him, we will keep you updated. 


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