Sarno’s round of Campionato Italiano Karting. Great races and big numbers on track

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The “Campionato” in Sarno with the doubles Finale races, signs the second stage of the interesting Italian Karting series made by National ASN

An incredible Karting race weekend in Sarno (IT), home of the Circuito Internazionale Napoli where the second stage of Campionato Italiano Karting has made. For motorsport and Karting enthusiasts and for the 270 drivers as participants.
On Friday, day one of the event, “Campionato” has showed the Qpractices.
On second day on Saturday, the six classes on track has runned a very long stripes of races as QHeats, to definite the grids on Sunday for the doubles races as Finals.
A straight of 24 races as Qualification Heats for all classes involved in the event.

National classes has been KZ3, 125AciKart and 125AciKart Junior powered by Iame.
International classes has been 60ccMini, OKJ and the fabulous KZ2.
On 60ccMini, Gara 1 or race 1 to R. Gulizia (IPK/Tm/vega) and for Gara 2 or race 2 for G. Minì (Parolin/Tm/vega);
on OKJ, race 1 to G. Fusco (TonyKart/Lke/vega) and for race 2, FR. Pizzi (Luxor/Lke/vega).
For top class KZ2, first race to present standing leader M. Zanchetta (Maranello/Tm/vega) and great victory in race two for F. Celenta (Praga/Tm/vega)

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