MOJO D3 tyre treatment recommendation

- On the technical side
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The operating parameters have changed slightly and therefore a rethink to the previously used chassis settings is required.

The opportunity was welcome for Rotax and its licensee Heidenau to participate at the German RMC at Wittgenborn and to understand possible difficulties in setting up this new tyre first-hand, thus outlining below the following recommendations.

At normal conditions the recommended cold tyre air pressure of 0.60 +/- 0.05 bar is fine to obtain a good result (1). At conditions with higher grip on the track, the rear tyre may show some slight marks at the inner tyre edge (2). When the grip level becomes more, those marks are even more visible (3).

At this point drivers should not go below 0,60 bar to reduce grip, otherwise the tyre rolls over under load and slide occurs. Instead adjustments on the front axle should be taken into consideration. It would seem that less grip on the front is needed to help the rear, when in fact some find the opposite by looking for even more grip on the front to jack the kart more. Then the driver has the opportunity to brake later in a straight line, still turn in at the correct point, jack the inside wheel and through the corner without slide. Also the seat should not be moved too far back to find grip, since the kart will not jack properly this way.


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