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In the second issue of the CRG Magazine, Giancarlo Tinini explains his opinion about the current situation.

"Our opinion is that a lot of interventions are needed to put drivers needs and cost cutting at the heart of regulations and promotion choices. For example, regarding costs we will ask a different and more transparent management of tenders regarding tyres and fuel, calling for lower costs for drivers and sponsors. We will also ask a cut in entering fees and in free practice ticket costs, but we believe that reducing the number of International races is a necessary measure to increase the number of drivers and teams that can afford to be present.
This would also favour a relaunch of national championships (that are currently crushed under the weight of more than 20 International rounds such as WSK races, Trophies and CIK-FIA Championships) and a wider diffusion of OK engines. We will propose a rethinking of the KZ activity, as the present numbers do not justify a European Championship featuring 4 rounds.
From a technical viewpoint, we will call for some changes to the current front fairing regulations, asking some more careful interventions by stewards to better evaluate racing episodes."


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