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In Genk we had the possibility to follow up the situation of the Confederação Brasileira de Automobilismo published on Vroom #187.

written by Alessandro Roca. 

He’s imperative: “We’ll make Brazilian karting great”. Giovanni Guerra, CBA & CIK-FIA delegate, has no doubt. The reality is that they’re really working hard to make this happen. The participation of 6 Brazilian drivers to CIK-FIA European championships is a proof of that. 

In Brazil he is a true idol, but in Genk he seemed to be a driver like others. He joined the competition quietly. We met Gaetano Di Mauro, Brazilian Touring Car driver with a huge passion for karting "I will race the whole European KZ2 championship alongside the Brazilian Touring Championship. The two calendars allor me to race both championships and I’ll also do some tests with CRG. Firstly I’m a huge karting enthusiast an the KZ is the best training for a driver and it helps me a lot also to keep a good level in cars racing.”

Anyway for the Shell Racing program driver, karting has some problems too: “Karting is really exciting and funny, but it does’nt have a great audience. In car racing we have really crowded racetracks with TVs and an heavier media coverage. This affects the marketing side in terms of budget and sponsors.”

This is only a little preview, check the complete article on the next issue of Vroom International. 


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