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iLAPS launches global Indiegogo campaign for its SIGMA, starting at $229 for the earliest backers and SAVE ~40% off the expected retail price of $369

iLAPS, do you remember it? Well, this might refresh your memory...

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iLAPS is the first and only telemetry system designed for Smartphones (Android - iPhone) can detect all the information you need during your sessions on track or road without expensive and complex apparatus. A real system for data reporting and sharing in the palm of your hand.

“We wanted to create an effective telemetry system comparable to those used by Formula 1TM teams but affordable and easy to use by any amateur or professional driver. iLAPS is a very smart system designed to improve the most important part of the racing vehicle – you the driver!” says Stefano Brozzoni iLaps' inventor.

The iLAPS system will allow you to instantly analyse your driving performance, giving you immediate access to the data you need to go faster.

iLAPS core is your SmartPhone safely protected in an high tech case able to transform it in the smartest Dashlogger can be used with any type of vehicle: Go-kart, Car, Motorbike, Motocross, ATV, Snowmobile, Powerboat and Jet-Ski.

iLaps interfaces with the SIGMA (Sports Interface GPS Mobile Armour): practical dash waterproof and shock resistant and equipped with an accurate multi-satellite GNSS GPS with internal GPS antenna which operate at a frequency of 50Hz, able to ensure a margin of error of less than one meter (compared with 30 meters of the ordinary cell phone built-in GPS).

Using GPS, there is no need for an external beacon or transmitter. Virtual Start/Finish/Split Lines can be easily saved and transferred.

When you completed your race day or just your amateur ride, you can pull your smartphone out the SIGMA dashboard and keep analyzing at home what you did, and if you want to share your performance and pull up record with your friends in real-time you will able to publish it in your dedicated space at just with a click.

With iLaps SIGMA is included FREE a 12 months subscription at the Cloud Remote Telemetry service (value $39) and also, is included FREE the iLaps Mobile App for Android or iPhone with unlimited updates.

For more info click here

Press Release by: iLaps - 05/05/17

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