Danny Formal new Champion Kart Racing driver

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Less than 24 hours ago Danny and the DRT team announced that they split their paths and now the shifter kart driver has found a new home: the Champions Racing team.

written by Alessandro Roca

An announcement as fast as the driver involved: Danny Formal left the DRT Racing and DR Kart chassi and goes to the Oklahoma-based Champion Racing where he willl find once again the Intrepid chassis he last drove in 2012 to victory in the Florida Winter Tour. 

The 2016 SKUSA! Supernational S1 Pro-Stock winner will also support the Intrepid factory and he declared that he wants to race the CIK-FIA KZ World Championship in September in Germany.

“Champion Racing is proud to welcome Danny Formal to the Intrepid Driver Program as our factory S1 driver,” said Team Manager, Rodney Berryhill from his shop in Norman. “Danny’s reputation speaks for itself and has been a driver we have had our eyes on the past few years. We are happy to have him join our team of competitive drivers in 2017.”


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