Alex Irlando: "The OK is more difficult than the KZ"

- Interview
Alex Irlando, Sodikart's wild card in the OK class in Sarno, explains the main differences between the KZ and the OK.

written by Alessandro Roca

The OK kart demonstrated to be a great testing ground for young and experienced karters: its characteristics oblige driver to drive very smoothly and sometimes it's hard for shifter drivers to get used to the direct drive transmission. He's at his third race in the OK class, Alex Irlando is about to take part to the first round of the CIK-FIA OK European Championship as a wild card. That's his opinion on the direct drive class: 

"To be competitve in the OK class your set-up have to be perfect at 110%, 101% is not enough! In KZ if your set-up is not perfect you can still compete for upper positions, in OK that's impossible. Moreover I still get used to the driving style that it requires: sometimes I brake as I was on the KZ and I gain 3 position in a turn, but out of the corner I lose 5 positions! It's hard, but at the same time it's very challenging. Anyway I will compete the rest of the European championship with the KZ2, these are races to develop the Sodikart's OK chassis."


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