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We Got Our Wings. Now Come Get Yours!

We're giving it our all this year... and pulling out all the stops to bring you the best race we possibly can!
Sponsors - check. Prizes - check. Scrutineering - check. Regulations - check.
It's gonna be a blast... help us by inviting your friends (whether to watch or drive) and let's create an unforgettable season together!
To begin with:
Thanks to our partner LMD2, there will be free fun karting for spectators during lunch break on Sunday! Spectators – here’s your chance to join the action and experience the thrill of motorsports.
Free fun karting will last throughout the lunch break but please note slots are limited. A lucky draw will be held shortly before fun karting begins. Submission for the lucky draw is open to everyone from 9am to 11:30am on Sunday.
Submissions can be done outside the organisation office on the 2nd floor. Please note the eligibility criteria:
  • Minimum height of 1.4m
  • Covered shoes with flat soles must be worn (no sandals, slippers pumps, heels etc)
Enjoy free flow of snacks and munchies during the race!
We’re bringing down piping hot truffle fries, fresh waffle ice cream, nachos and more – for your enjoyment. Once again thank you to our partner LMD2 for making it an awesome experience for all.
Available to anyone present at the race!
For anyone who needs help getting lunch* – we’re here to help from Friday to Sunday!
You can place your lunch order with the organisers outside the pro-shop from 9am to 10am on each day. Payment will be collected on the spot.
Lunch orders can be self-collected from the same area from 11:30am onwards.
*There will be two choices (to be confirmed on the day itself), one of which will be halal.
The latest ASR with the official pump and list of officials has been published.
All participants and spectators, please do not drive cars with low ground clearance to the race! The entry to the designated carpark (Carpark A – the multistorey carpark) is steep and may damage your vehicle. No other carparks are available for the duration of the race. (Carpark B, the open air carpark, will be closed for a horse race at Turf Club.)


Stay tuned!
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