Bas Lammers: the comeback of the Dutchman

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Immediately before the last round of the WSK Super Master Series in Sarno, Bas Lammers tells himself: emotion and passion of an 31year old true racer.

written by Alessandro Roca, pic: Wafeproject.

When you won your first title in Braga in 2010 top driver were not racing because of the position taken against the CIK. Then two years later in Sarno you showed, once again, that you were the best KZ driver beating all top drivers and Ben Hanley before the others. What did you feel in that moment?
“The world championship 2010 and 2012 were both really special for me because the first world championship of 2010 was an very emotional race because my dad died 2 weeks before the race. In 2012, it was an amazing race for me because everybody was there and all the best drivers were there. In the final it felt amazing to lead the race but i was never sure untill i passed the finish flag because i felt that the drivers in the back of me were pushing so hard and trying to do everything they could but finally we did it!”
So Sarno confirms his important value for you as a very important track. How did you find it after the renovation? Do you prefer as it is or as it was?
“Sarno has been always special for me and it's my favorite track ever. i love the high speeding and the mix of corners. This track has a big value for me because we won a lot here but we also had very emotional races here with bad results. At they moment it looks that the track layout is almost like the layout of 2012 but with a shorter straight instead of maximum long straight. I really do love this layout but honestly I gonna miss the double S just 2 corners before the finish line because this was a important place were someone could make a different in laptimes.”
Did you try new LeCont tyres? If yes, what do you think about them?
“I never have tried the LeCont tyres but from what I heard in the paddock is that they must be fast, im looking forward to test them once.”
You had a fantastic first part of the season: did you change something in your mental or physical preparation? What’s your secret?
“At the moment I can say that our momentum is strong and good. The Sodikart chassis is working well, the TM racing engines are running strong, the people around me are doing a great job so far, also i have a new mechanic since the start of the season, Mansel Smith who brings me a lot of calmness and positivity. During the winter time I and my personal trainer of twenty4seven selected to work out an excessive hard program because the weight of the KZ class in the European Championship will be 170 kilo instead of 175 kilo. He helps me a lot with the physically part but also the mental part.”
After two world titles and a lot of wins, you cried after the win in Castelletto. Can you tell me where do those tears come from?
“In Castelletto it was an very emotional moment for me because it was my first win together with Sodikart and my last big win was the WSK in Sarno 2014. This was emotional because we work so hard together as team and we are always doing our best. We spend many time on the track, it has been an very busy start of the season with many races and it's feels simply amazing to make the step to highest step on the podium.”
New blood for the Sodi Kart: Alex Irlando. What’s your opinion about him? What are his strenghts and weaknesses?
“Regarding Alex, I'm really impressed with the speed he have, he is young and is very proffesional for his age. I'm proud to have Alex as our teammate because he can learn a lot from us but we can still a lot from him because he brings freshness, talent, speed, fun in the team and we feel an great atmosphere in our team. He brings the team to higher level.”
Which driver does scare you the most?
"I'm not scared for no one!" 

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