28th Andrea Margutti Trophy: why you should look at it…

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The racing spirit of Andrea lives in the trophy who has his name. At its 28th edition, I’m gonna tell you why you should look at it..!

Written by Alessandro Roca.
“Uhmmm no honey, I don’t feel so good today, it would be better if I stay at home. Say hello to the mammy for me!”
Ok, with this as stupid as valid lie you’ll escape from a long and intense Sunday lunch with your mother-in-law and now I’m gonna tell why you should do that: because there is the 28th Andrea Margutti Trophy, and I’m gonna give you 5 reasons to watch it. Make yourself comfortable and read carefully.
1.Moto GP and F.1 starts this week-end
If you are a true racing enthusiast you’ll spend your Sunday on your sofa watching the F.1 and the Moto GP on your TV, following the live timing on your laptop, tweeting with your tablet and looking Instagram live stories with your smartphone. On Monday you will know everything about what Lewis Hamilton or Valentino Rossi did and said and you’ll be respected by all racing fans in your office. To be FULLY respected you NEED to know how did the Andrea Margutti Trophy go. Everybody knows that…
If you are a karting purist, you should look at it to say to your colleagues how karting is cool if compared to F.1. Everybody knows that too…
2.It’s free
It seems stupid, but it isn’t. Hanging out with your girlfriend is so damn expensive, the Andrea Margutti Trophy will be stramed at www.trofeomargutti.com for FREE. You can use the money saved to buy a new set of tyres for your kart, think about that.
3.223 drivers are a good reason too
Drivers will come from 29 different countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Norway, Holland, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine.
They travelled a lot, the less you can do it’s to watch what they do after this long journey.
4.High level in OK class
The OK class presents a field full of top drivers ready to set a huge fight. Henkie Waldschmidt returned to karting: the Dutch driver won the Trophy in 100 ICA on CRG-Maxter back in 2004. Waldschmidt entered OK among the fields of CRG in this edition of the trophy. After karting he moved to motor racing competing in Formula Renault and Formula 3, becoming part of the Toyota Formula 1 programme from 2006 to 2008. CRG will also field Callum Bradshaw, Denis Hauger, Hannes Janker and Michael Rosina. Alex Irlando will race the Sodi Kart OK chassis: from the fifth place took at La Conca he switched to direct drive class to test the new French weapon. Dino Chiesa takes all his drivers to the Margutti to keep on working before the last round of the WSK Super Master Series. Tom Joyner, Lorenzo Travisanutto, Adam Eteki and Jacopo Gheno will race their Iame powered Zanardi chassis.
5.The WSK Super Master Series will take place on April 9th
It means that if you miss this event to have the Sunday lunch with you mother-in-law you have to wait other two weeks before another international karting event to watch and taste… that’s simply unbearable!

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