Enzo Ferrari was wrong

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Do you rember Enzo Ferrari’s famous parable of the champion? Well, in Castelletto Bas Lammers proved that he was wrong…

Written by Alessandro Roca.
 “At the beginning of his career, a driver will push himself and his car to the limit to prove that he is a champion. Once that he has become a champion, the fame, money and other distractions will move him from the right path.”
That’s the parable of the champion said by the Lord of Maranello, Mr. Enzo Ferrari. Despite this parable is true in a lot of circumstances, the last weekend a Dutch driver proved that a champion can still have the thirst for victory… Bas Lammers won the second round of the WSK Super Master Series in Castelletto and he started crying after the race and on the podium, a true example of sportmanship and pure and fair agonism.
Lammers has an incredible palmares where the 2010 CIK-FIA World Cup is only the icing on the cake. Who knows him, knows how humble and friendly he is. His tears are the demonstration that he still has a lot to give to our sport and I personally think that drivers like him are a godsend for our environment which often loses sight of the most important factor: emotions.
Well done champ… 

Photo by: Alex Irlando


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