#ThrowbackThursday - Lance Stroll: yes or no?

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All eyes are on him, the rookie of the 2017 season: Lance Stroll is called to demonstrate that he is in F.1 not only for his father's bank account, but the begin seems to be not so easy for him...

Written by Alessandro Roca.
From karting straight to the barrier in Barcellona: Lance Stroll struggles at his debut in F.1 and Williams has been forced to abandon the final day of running at the Barcelona test because of damage caused by his crash on Wednesday. Stroll had spun into the barriers on the exit of Turn 5 late in the afternoon damaging not only the front suspension and the nose of the car, but also the chassis.
“Racing, pushing, things happen,” he said. “You just have to figure out how to make the best of it. Everyone’s quite positive. It was a good day. It was obviously unfortunate what happened at the end, but little issues and things like that happen and you have to move forward. There was an issue on the car. I was kind of a victim of the situation. We are still figuring it out so I can’t give you any detail about it. What happened, happened, and that’s it.”
Everybody says that he is in F.1 only because of his father’s wallet, so we decided to ask directly to his karting menthor: Dino Chiesa, once again.
“He wasn’t the fastest driver in karting, but he has always had the best material since he stepped into formulas and there he won the Italian F.4 and the F.3 European championship. Even if he had the best car and the best team, he was the guy sitted behind the steering wheel, the car didn’t guide itself!”
Personally I agree. Everybody knows his almost illimitated budget, but let’s analyze what happened in Barcellona: a rookie spun and hit the wall. Is not that strange, isn’t it? Probably he’s not the most talented guy on the Earth, that’s for sure, but he’s still a rookie in F.1, in a F.1 where tests are not allowed! I personally think that all this “Stroll-case” is only because he has a huge economical power. Moreover if you had his bank account, would you have done differently? Come on, let’s wait some races…
PS: Mr. Stroll (unfortunately) didn’t pay me for this article, I’m open to comments…

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