Huge accident in Colombia: driver in serious condition

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On Sunday a Colobian karter, Sebastián Mesa Pérez, took several fractures after an impact into a tree that lined the edge of the circuit.

His video would freeze the very bloody in your veins: Sebastián Mesa Pérez ran wide at a chicane and hit a tree ouside of the track. According to a statement issued by his racing team, the SLS Racing Team, Pérez suffered fractures to both legs, both ankles, hip, right arm and shoulder blade plus bruising on the front of the skull.
He underwent to surgery on Sunday to settle fractures, but he is no longer regarded as life threatening.

"On behalf of the SLS Racing Team and their families we appreciate the support provided by all those close to us" the team stated in a press release. "It is a difficult moment in which we raise our prayers for the early recovery of Sebastian."

Pics: Andres Isaza Perez / Facebook


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