Development of TM engines “series 10”

- On the technical side
KZ10: a series of winning engines made in Pesaro, northern Italy. We’re going to see what changes have been made to the model C compared to the previous model

It’s not always easy to get into TM, the well-known kart and motorcycle engine manufacturing company, but this time Claudio and Filippo Flenghi opened the factory doors to us and personally and told us what improvements have been made on their latest product made for the 125 cc gear class.  We’re talking about the well-known KZ10c, the latest evolution of the “series 10”: in fact, everyone knows that TM adds a number to the series of engines for each new project, and then proceeds with developing B and C compared to the first model. This happened with the great K9 and has continued with the KZ10. 
Now then, what has changed in the KZ10c that won the KZ World Championship with De Conto last year, Compared to the previous KZ10b that had also been outstanding with Verstappen and Pex? We are going to take a look at each single component that goes into making these engines to see what changes have been made to reach its present state. 

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