Remembering Lotta Hellberg

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The February 11th 2005, 12 years ago, Lotta Hellberg passed away. This is our editor in chief's tribute.

"No, we haven’t forgotten her. Lotta is still in our hearts even though few years have gone by since we last featured her in Vroom. On 11th February it will be 12 years since Lotta Hellberg passed away, killed by a dreadful disease. She was only 34 when she left us, and I cherish very dear memories of her. She was a special person, even when she could no longer reveal her beautiful blond hair, as a result of the chemotherapy.
She was also a super fast driver, leaving an extraordinary mark in our sport. She still holds the fastest lap record of the Lonato circuit (the short layout).
Her laptime, 39”811 set in the final of the 1996 FSA European Championship has gone down in history. But in the free practice she even lapped below 39”. It was her time and I really hoped that she would win the aspired continental Trophy, like Susanna Raganelli had done thirty odd years before. But the Swede with Dutch passport didn’t win it after all. I then wrote few harsh articles commenting on her failure, but what I didn’t like was the thought of her having blown her chances. I remember that she too was upset for what had been written about her. We had a go at each other, and that was it for a bit. Then we made up when I was taking some photos for CRG and Lotta was there as model, again in Lonato."

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