Talking to David Vidales, 2016 CIK-FIA OK Junior World Vice-Champion

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The debut in OK at the WSK Champions Cup was really good, and the Spaniard is ready to fight at the top of the main direct drive class.

Written by Alessandro Roca.
First race in the OK class: tell us your impressions and feelings?
“In the first race of the year I’ve been really fast during all the week-end, and I had positive feelings both from material and from myself as well.”
You finished sixth overall ahead of experienced drivers such as Karol Basz and Paavo Tonteri. Did you expect to be so competitive?
“Honestly I didn’t expect to be so competitive right from the start of the season, but since free practices I realized to have the pace to stay at the front of the group.”
What are main differences from the OK Junior and the OK? Is the latter so different to drive respect to the Junior?
“The main difference between the OK Junior and the OK is when the valve is open, from mid revs to limitator. In this range of revs it’s much more powerful. Another difference is in tyres: in OK tyres have much more grip, so you can increase the cornering speed.”
 Which aspects do you need to improve?
“There’s not a particular aspect, I must improve under a lot of point of view.”
Next week another race in Adria: what do you think about starting the racing season from January? Is it too early for you or not?
“Starting the season on January maybe is too early for the team that has to prepare all the material, but not for me because I wanted to start as soon as possible!”
Pedro Hiltbrand joined Tony Kart and he is racing in your same category. How is your relationship? Is he helping you?
“The relationship with Pedro is really good, and I’m very lucky to have a champion like him as a teammate because I can learn a lot from him.”

Photo credit: KF1 (Wafeproject & Actualfoto)

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