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Trent Valley Kart Club is getting ready to host the 2017 CIK-FIA World Championship adding the WI-FI connection to its services.

Many of you will be pleased to learn that Trent Valley Kart Club have installed WiFi into the Paddock at PF International!  A facility that most us now take for granted and have become to depend upon for so many different aspects of our lifestyles!

Due to PFi’s rural location and distance from the nearest exchange, TVKC has for the last few years been using satellite broadband.  Although adequate to run internal systems and timing from this, there was always doubt about the capacity to open this up to the Paddock.  However, due mainly to the continued delays in BT installing their promised fibre optic to the area and reliability issues with our then current service provider, TVKC decided to switch satellite broadband service provider and extend the network and hardware to include coverage within the Paddock areas.

Installed at the end of November, the system was successfully trialled at the December meeting and was greeted with positive feedback and welcomed as a valuable new edition to the list of facilities available at PFi.

The Paddock WiFi will be available to everyone free of charge and the password will be available from Race Control.

Always wanting to provide its members with the best facilities possible, TVKC are thrilled to introduce this new service to PFi.  The Club’s Chairman, Nigel Edwards, comments; “At last we can provide a wifi service to the paddock to enable 'live timing' to be accessed - we have improved satellite facilities and anticipate this will carry us through the coming years prior to digital land based connections - enjoy the facility and remember it will be good for live timing and basic downloads.”

It is the Club’s intention to continue with the satellite broadband until such times as fibre optic is up and running in the area.  We would kindly remind everyone that although this is a huge step up and a much needed addition, the new system does have limitations, especially given the expected demand during a busy TVKC race meeting.

Press Release by: Trent Valley KC - 12/01/17

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