E1 challenge: a new European kartıng endurance champıonshıp ıs about to start ın 2017.

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The newest karting endurance championship is called E1 CHALLENGE. The E1 Challenge will consist of 5 races organized in selected A class european karting circuits. The challenge will start in June 2017 and finish by October.

E1 Challenge is based on easiness, equality, economy and extra fun. The organization will deliver the karts, engines, tires, fuel, mechanical assistance and all necessary equipments. The teams (minimum 3 drivers) don’t have to think about the investment and logistics. Since everything will be equal, the driving abilities and personal durability will be the decisive factor for success.

In E1 Challenge, Mach1 FIA5 karts (CIK homologated) and Rotax 125 Junior Max EVO engines will be used. The mechanical assistance will be provided by Mach1 Team.

The final calendar of E1 Challenge 2017 will be announced in January.

The registration is now open at the E1 Challenge official web site www.e1challenge.org or www.ekec.org .   


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