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The Association of British Kart Clubs has taken time out to carry out in depth discussion on its future within national karting in the face of changes and perceptions within the sport.

Under the leadership of acting Chairman Nigel Edwards, who took over in October, the ABkC steering group has spent two days in discussion devoted to identifying how it can help shape and influence the running of UK karting into the next decade.
It has identified a five point plan aimed at building stronger and better British karting with particular emphasis on helping and encouraging club drivers. The key points are:
  • Working closely with the MSA in simplifying and separating club racing from the full weight of MSA regulations including development of one new single rule book containing all regulations for karting. 
  • A change of focus, image, promotion and perception to make the activities of the ABkC more directly related and geared to drivers. 
  • Development of a new range of low cost championships aimed specifically at club level racing with emphasis on fresh new formats to meet driver demand, and maximise support to the kart clubs.
  • Working with the growing number of non MSA licence event organisers with a view to building a much closer association which can have benefits for all.
  • Creation of ‘hands on’ training days for clubs and officials to help improve relations with drivers, improve efficiency and ‘best practice’, and create a ‘user friendly’ environment.
Says Nigel Edwards: “The ABkC has done a lot of good work over the past 25 years but now we need to change the approach to meet with the needs of karting today and into the next decade. In particular we want to give much more support and voice to club drivers because they are the life-line of this great sport.”
The ABkC is now in talks with the MSA in order to help put its plans into action.
For further information contact A/Chairman Nigel Edwards on chairman@abkc.org.uk or Secretary Graham Smith on secretary@abkc.org.uk

Press Release by: Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) - 15/12/16

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