Another record year for Lonato: more than 2.500 drivers on the track

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A total of 2.573 drivers competed at the South Garda Karting in 2016, with an average of more than 230 drivers per event. This has been a strong participation increment compared to the 2.100 drivers of 2014 or the 2.315 of 2015.

The great participation to all the hosted events made season 2016 another record year for the Circuit South Garda Karting, that has become one of the most visited tracks with drivers coming from all over the world.

The South Garda Karting Circuit of Lonato hosted 11 events in 2015, featuring a total of 2.315 presences, scoring a good increment compared to year 2014 that totaled 2.100 drivers. In 2016, The total presence of drivers, still at the 11 events hosted, rocketed to level 2.573 in 2016, which means a 23% increment over a two years period and an average of more than 230 drivers per race!

The highest presence at South Garda Karting during 2016 has been recorded by the Rok Cup International Final, that this year scored a new high of 413 drivers. Regarding the races directly organized by the circuit, the traditional early season race Spring Trophy – whose two rounds  featured respectively 292 and 141 drivers on track – and the 26th Autumn Trophy – with 270 and 265 drivers partaking to the two rounds – have been the cornerstones of the season in terms of participation.

The interest towards the very important international race Winter Cup that opened the season has been very high. The 21th edition of this event saw in fact 266 drivers on track. The two races organized by Parma Motorsport – i.e. the 27th Trofeo Andrea Margutti that saw 149 drivers at the start and the Trofeo delle Industrie with 214 drivers, have scored positive figures too. Important numbers were also obtained by the new South Garda Karting Trophy had 171 drivers at the start, by the National Easykart Trophy 128, and by the 3rd Summer Trophy 264.

The presence of foreign drivers has also been great and virtually covered the whole world of karting. The following countries have had some color bearers at South Garda Karting in 2016: Italy, Holland, Finland, Hungary, Denmark, France, England, Greece, Austria, Monaco, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, San Marino, Malta, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Germany, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Cyprus, Russia, Czech Republic, Chile, Israel, Costa Rica, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mozambique, Canada, India, Dominican Republic,  Indonesia, Japan, Argentine, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, China, Brazil, Macau, Colombia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Jakarta and Morocco.

Press Release by: South Garda Karting (Lonato) - 15/12/16

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