Stars of Karting Releases 2008 Technical Regulations

Snap-on Stars of Karting announced today the release of its annual technical regulations.

Snap-on Stars of Karting announced today the release of its annual technical regulations. The full compliment of regulations, supplements, and appendices including the chassis homologation regulations and forms are available at the newly remodeled series website,

Stars President Paul Zalud commented, “We view our new season’s rules as a continued evolution of the standard we have set in this area. It has content that was requested by our constituents, it has bold changes destined to lead the industry along with the overall stability that racers and teams have come to expect.”

Key changes include the end of required usage of neck braces for all senior class competitors, the mandate of new rear protection systems for juniors and a comprehensive package aimed at enhancing reliability in ICA. Also of note is the increase of class minimum weights for all three intercontinental classes - ICC and ICA increased by five pounds each and JICA up a full ten pounds.

“We are always cognizant of costs involved in racing at this level and strive to enact rules that save money, reduce needless controls and bring equality to the competition,” stated technical director Scott G Evans, “Our new event format will challenge the racecraft of our racers and the mechanical acumen of our team managers and tuners. We have made a number of changes to enable our racers to stay in the game and look forward to an exciting new season of the best sprint kart racing in North America.”

“This year also marks the continuation of our chassis homologation program,” Evans continued, “We are proud to continue to offer this avenue to manufacturers whose customer base does not warrant CIK homologation. Early interest is high and it helps to instill a purely ‘North America’ attitude into our competitions.”

All documents are currently available for download on the website. A new feature of the website is document dating that shows the last time the document was updated. Interested parties are advised to check often to ensure their document archives are current. A separate rules document for the recently announced Spec ICC program will be forthcoming shortly.
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