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Here is the full pricing list for 2017.

Engine & Cylinder Legality

Commencing January 1, 2017, the ‘new production’ 2017 JUN Cylinders (Part # 1234567) will be legal for all Micro, Mini & Junior competition throughout America. For customers who choose to use the new cylinder with a USA origin motor, the 2017 cylinder MUST be stamped with MAXSpeed Group engraving in all RMC competition across America.

2009 / 09’ Junior Cylinders are still banned in all Micro & Mini competition, including all US National, International and Local RMCs operating inside the USA.  2009 / 09’ JUN cylinders are legal for use in 2017 in Junior MAX only; supplemental rule to be posted on

Engine & Cylinder Availability

To assure availability for COTA and FWT participants, Junior cylinders and ECUs will be available for purchase with the confirmation of FWT or COTA registration in Micro, Mini or Junior for the price of $449.95 + shipping. Registered drivers will receive notification via email that they are approved to purchase the cylinder and ECU through their local dealer.   Once the FWT and COTA demand has been met, customers will have the ability to order additional cylinders through their local dealer or service center.

2017 Rotax USA Retail Engine Pricing

In an effort to be competitive with the market, MAXSpeed has aggressively priced engine packages for the 2017 season.


2017 Engine Pricing                          2016 Engine Pricing

Micro MAX $2,275.00                       2016 ($2650)
Mini MAX $2,999.00                         2016 ($3585)
Junior MAX $3,075.00                      2016 ($3475)
Senior MAX $3,195.00                     2016 ($3685)
DD2 MAX $4,050.00                        2016 ($4725) 

Mojo & Vega Tire Retail Pricing


Max One Purple (M1S) $232.00 USD (F $54.00 R $62.00)
Max One Blue (M1M) $232.00 USD (F $54.00 R $62.00)
Max One Green (M1H) $214.00 USD (F $50.00 R $57.00)
Max One Rain (W5) $250.00 USD (F $57.00 R $68.00)
Mojo D2 (Cadet) $216.00 USD (F $54.00)
Mojo D2 (Junior) $232.00 USD (F $54.00 R $62.00)
Mojo D3 $282.00 USD (F $59.50 R $81.50)
Mojo W2 (Cadet) $228.00 USD (F $57.00)
Mojo W2 (ALL) $260.00 USD (F $57.00 R $73.00)


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