Pedro Hiltbrand leaves CRG after his world title

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Pedro Hiltbrand announces that he left CRG: "It's time to change..." !

A short message on his own Facebook profile with a video with photos from the past four years: 2016 multiple champion Pedro Hiltbrand leaves CRG, the factory with he won almost everything this year: 

"It's time to change... Words can't explain how I felt during this 4 years with all CRG people. I grow up with you! You aren't just a team, you have been my family... Thank you so much to each one of you guys, I really love you!"

A new challenge has begun for the 20 years-old Spanish driver, but now the question is: where he is going to race? He declared that he will remain in kart, so we have mainly two options: Tony Kart or BirelART? Stay tuned, more info are yet to come...


Stay tuned!
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