Superkarts! USA to add video review to officiating in 2017

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New review formula begins development with focus on increasing clarity and consistency.

In the wake of a tremendously successful edition of the annual SuperNationals spectacular in Las Vegas, the Superkarts! USA staff has already returned to official internal discussions aimed at improving the product for 2017.  The quality of the wheel-to-wheel competition and officiating is a prime target for enhancement and a mutually agreeable evolution has been the result of the initial post-Vegas meeting.  A closer look at several of the on-track incidents from this past weekend in Las Vegas have provided final motivation for SKUSA to confirm that the organization will be introducing a video review program that will in some fashion leverage the use of on-board cameras, such as the GoPro.

“We’re only beginning the discussion of the actual approach, but I can confirm that we will be opening the door to using on-board video in our officiating on the Pro Tour in 2017,” stated Tom Kutscher, who remains in Las Vegas to complete the final cleanup and pack-up of SKUSA’s equipment following SuperNationals 20. “In the past, we were hesitant to open Pandora’s Box on video, but I know believe that with the correct stipulations of how we’ll use video, from what sources, and in which situations, we can make a positive impact on SKUSA competition.  That’s supremely important to me.  We always strive to improve at every event, and any adjustments we can make to benefit the competition as a whole is deemed a positive step forward.”

The move to allow use of on-board video in post-race officiating will require a strict formula, and the SKUSA staff will continue detailing the final specs of the program over the next month.  An overview will very likely be made available before the end of the year and will begin with the opening round of the California ProKart Challenge in February.  It will be put into use on the 2017 SKUSA Pro Tour and SuperNationals 21, as well.

First and foremost, SKUSA expects that it will leverage the option of requesting on-board video memory cards from drivers before they clear the scale line, if it is believed further evidence is needed to make the correct calls. Video will also likely be made eligible to accompany protests and appeals.  SKUSA will add a dedicated race official to the Pro Tour and California ProKart Challenge weekends in 2017 to provide point-of-contact management of this opportunity.

Press Release by: ProMedia Motorsport - 24/11/16

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