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In the past, the Florida Winter Tour (FWT) and the Challenge of the Americas (CotA) have utilized the previous year’s rules in their entirety, as the worldwide rules for its promoted programs were not released until late December or early January.

For 2017, there are a few changes that will be made immediately, so that racers can plan their racing programs for early 2017 and beyond.

1. 950mm Chassis: The change to the 950mm wheelbase chassis in Rotax Mini MAX was announced July 1st and will be effective on January 1, 2017.  This will allow customers to utilize their chassis from the start of the year and avoid a change at the end of the winter programs. The chassis rules will allow chassis with a wheelbase of 950mm +/- 20mm.

2. Tires: In order to retain Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals tickets, Micro MAX and Mini MAX will run on D2 tire.  The FWT will move to the MaxOne Tire by Vega, for Junior MAX, Senior MAX, Masters MAX, DD2 and DD2 Masters. Junior MAX will run on the MaxOne Blue (M1-M), while the others will utilize the softer MaxOne Purple tire (M1-S).  CotA will utilize MOJO D2 in Micro MAX, Mini MAX and Junior MAX.  MaxOne Purple will be used in Senior Max and Masters MAX.

FWT: Micro/Mini MAX MOJO D2 4.5
Junior MAX MaxOne Blue by Vega (M1-M) 4.6/7.1
Senior/Masters/DD2/DD2 Masters MaxOne Purple by Vega (M1-S) 4.6/7.1

CotA: Micro/Mini MAX MOJO D2 4.5
Junior MAX   MOJO D2 4.5/7.1
Senior/Masters MAX MaxOne Purple by Vega (M1-S) 4.6/7.1

3. Engines:  2017 JUN cylinders & engines are legal from January 1, 2017. In addition, cylinders marked with a numbered production code are still legal to be used in all classes except Micro MAX and Mini MAX.

4.  Junior Class Age:  As per 2017 Rotax MAX Sporting Regulations, the minimum age for participation in Junior MAX is 12 years of age.  Junior competitors must at least attain the age of 12 within the calendar year of competition.  For 2017, as long as a driver attains the age of 12 prior to December 31, 2017, he or she is legal to race in Junior MAX.  There will be no changes to Mini MAX or Senior MAX ages; this only applies to the minimum age of a Junior MAX driver.

A release of the complete rules packages for each series will be available within the next few weeks.       

For any further rules inquiries, please contact USRMC Director, Andy Seesemann at

Press Release by: MAXSPEED GROUP INC. - 23/11/16

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