David Vidales: after the test with FDA and before OK Junior World Championship

- Interview
After his first test on a F.4 with FDA in Fiorano, David Vidales came to Bahrain to chase the world title

"The experience with Ferrari Driver Academy at Fiorano was amazing! We spent there three days there in Maranello: the first day we did technical, physical and mental training with FDA coaches; on the second day we tested the simulator set with Fiorano track and F.4 car and finally on day three we tested the car on track. It was my first time on a single seater, and the first time with a shifter vehicle as well. I found a lot of differences with regards to my driving style: with the car you have to be smoother than on OK kart. Obviosly brakes are also harder, so I had to get used to that. In the end it has been an amazing experience! Now I'm focused on the world championship, and I'm really looking forward to performance well."


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