Throwback karting in Lonato

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Pure fun for a couple of drivers in Lonato: it takes only a few 100cc karts from ‘90ies to go back in time and smile again.

In Lonato there was a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, with a couple of drivers smiling and having fun with some 100cc karts. Young pilots and old glories all togheter just to show, once again, the pure essence of karting.
James Brown, brother of the former world champion Colin Brown, togheter with Martin DC of ATR Team Brask, organized this day of testing with the master of restoration Neil Mckernan, and then started inviting people. It turned out to be a proper event with a lot of action on track, and in the box as well…!
“This is karting: engine, chassis and driver. Nothing else. This morning we broke an engine, and we rebuilt it in less than a hour! – says James Brown – We organized this day of test in less than two weeks, and we’re planning to repeat it the next year, transforming that in a proper event, and hopefully a race.”
Matteo Meneghello, Marino Spinozzi, Giorgio Pantano, Alessandro Manetti, Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Davide Forè, Alessio Piccini, Luca Corberi, Guido Moggia and Ramon Piniero joined the crew, showing old suits and the same talent of the past years: “It’s amazing and strange at the same time! It took just a few laps to back to those years, with the same driving style and, unfortunately, the same mistakes” comments Alessandro Manetti.
We had a long chat about the old times and the future of karting with all drivers. The full report will be on December’s issue. 

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