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Important reminder regarding the 2016 US RMC technical regulation for US Open 3 – Las Vegas

On September 29th, BRP-Rotax released the Bulletin No 2 about the 2016 RMC Technical Regulations. This bulletin introduced new components that have been used for the 2016 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in Italy 10 days ago. These components are a new junior cylinder for classes using this cylinder (Micro, Mini and Junior MAX) a new spark plug and modification to the ignition system and battery older.

With only one national event to go (US Open 3 – Las Vegas) a month later this bulletin, MAXSpeed Group decided to postpone the introduction of these new components after Las Vegas to avoid any availability problems that could have created a disadvantage for some competitors. This is why no bulletin has been published to modify the US RMC Technical Regulations. Therefore be advised that current US RMC Technical Regulation dated of May 16th, 2016 applies for the US Open 3 in Las Vegas and the new components introduced by BRP-Rotax Bulletin No 2 cannot be used for this event. 


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