2016 Tremains KartSport NZ North Island Sprint Championships KartSport Hawke's Bay Chemz Raceway Hastings - October 23

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KartSport New Zealand's annual North and South Island Sprint Kart Championships title meetings at Hastings and Christchurch over the weekend produced a fresh new crop of class winners.

Leading the charge at the Tremains North Island meeting at  the KartSport Hawke's Bay's Chemz Raceway at Roys Hill near Hastings were Callum Hedge from Auckland, Connor Davison from Hamilton, Ryan Wood from Wellington and Jacob Cranston and Kiaihn Burt from Palmerston North.

Stepping up at the South Island meeting, run by KartSport Canterbury at its Carrs Rd Raceway kart track, were Zac Christensen, Jacob Mitchell and Adam Godwin.

Hedge was the only driver at the North Island meeting to complete a class clean sweep (pole, and wins in both heats as well as the Pre Final and Final) in Junior Rotax, and finished third in Junior Yamaha behind Ryan Wood and Jaden Ransley.

Wood in turn added the North Island Junior Yamaha title to the National Schools' one he earned earlier in the year, and finished second to Hedge in Junior Rotax.

Connor Davison has his work cut out in one of the most competitive classes at the North Island meeting, Vortex Mini ROK.

Win the class title he did though, after sharing heat wins with fastest qualifier Blake Austin, winning the Pre-Final then leading for all but one lap of the Final while eventual runner-up Liam Sceats from Auckland and Clay Osborne from Hamilton disputed the other two podium spots until the chequered flag came out.

At the South Island title meeting in Christchurch, Jacob Mitchell and Zac Christensen were two of the standout Junior drivers. Mitchell won the Junior Yamaha title from Dunedin's Joshua Bethune and Adam Godwin from Christchurch, and finished second to fellow title winner Godwin in Junior Rotax. Christensen, meanwhile, claimed a hard-fought Vortex Mini ROK title after a day-long battle with fellow heat winner Jacob Douglas, fellow Christchurch driver Liam Pink and Bo Hill from Nelson.

In other confirmed results from the North Island meeting Mark Elder was the dominant figure and won the Open class this year, Jacob Cranston won the Rotax Max Light title from Rhys Tinney from Hamilton, and Kiaihn Burt claimed his first major title in Cadet ROK.

In other confirmed results from the South Island title meeting, both Matthew Butchart from Nelson and Louis Sharp from Christchurch successfully defended their 2015 South Island titles.
Butchart won Rotax Max Heavy from Blenheim driver Daniel Bugler and Ben Carter from Dunedin, while Sharp won Cadet ROK from Dunedin drivers Jaxon Harvey and Samuel Cayford.

Early on in the day Rotax Max Light looked like it was going to be a Scott Manson benefit, the Christchurch ace qualifying quickest and winning both class heats as well as the Pre-Final. It was fellow Christchurch driver Thomas Emmerson who ended up winning the Final, and with it the 2016 South Island title however, after Manson lost the lead when he ran wide on a slippery section of track early in the race.

Emmerson took the lead at that point and held it to the flag from a fast-finishing Caleb Cross, with Manson third and Ayden Polaschek fourth.
2016 Tremains KartSport NZ North Island Sprint Championships Kartsport Hawke's Bay Chemz Raceway Hastings Fri-Sun Oct 21-23

1. Mark Elder; 2. Aaron Marr; 3. Ashley Higgins; 4. Brendon Jury; 5. Rhys Tinney; 6. Jacob Cranston

Rotax Max Light
1. Jacob Cranston; 2. Rhys Tinney; 3. Caleb Huston; 4. Jaden Hardy; 5. John Wallace; 6. Keith Wilkinson

Junior Rotax
1. Callum Hedge; 2. Ryan Wood; 3. Frank May; 4. Tom Greig; 5. Rianna O'Meara-Hunt; 6. Ashton Grant.

Junior Yamaha
1. Ryan Wood; 2. Jaden Ransley; 3. Callum Hedge; 4. Fynn Osborne; 5. Frank May; 6. Samuel Wright.

Vortex Mini ROK
1. Connor Davison; 2. Liam Sceats; 3. Clay Osborne; 4. Blake Austin; 5. Jackson Rooney; 6. Luke Thompson

Cadet ROK Final
1. Kiaihn Burt; 2. Thomas Bewley; 3. Ryan Bell; 4. Logan Manson; 5. Sebastian Manson; 6. Mitchell Sparrow.

2016 KartSport NZ South Island Sprint Championships KartSport Canterbury Carrs Rd Raceway Christchurch Fri-Sun Oct 21-23

Rotax Max Light
1. Thomas Emmerson; 2. Caleb Cross; 3. Scott Manson; 4. Ayden Polaschek; 5. Kieran Woods; 6. Kyle Dawson

Rotax Max Heavy
1. Matthew Butchart; 2. Daniel Bugler; 3. Ben Carter; 4. George Keast; 5. Ian Carter; 6. Terry Stephens.

Junior Rotax
1. Adam Godwin; 2. Jacob Mitchell; 3. Jack Noble-Adams; 4. Josh Bethune; 5. Dominic Robertson; 6. Kohen Muir-Thompson

Junior Yamaha
1. Jacob Mitchell; 2. Josh Bethune; 3. Adam Godwin; 4. Jack Noble-Adams; 5. Jack Cayford; 6. Oscar Noble-Adams

Vortex Mini ROK
1. Zac Christensen; 2. Jacob Douglas; 3. Liam Pink; 4. Bo Hill; 5. Chris White; 6. Blake Knowles

Cadet ROK
1. Louis Sharp; 2. Jaxon Harvey; 3. Samuel Cayford; 4. Johan Roberts; 5. Alex Crosbie; 6. Oliver Workman

Press Release by: KartSport New Zealand - 24/10/16

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