RMCGF - Ferenc Kancsar defends his DD2 title from Christian Sorensen

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A breathtaking last lap finishes with Ferenc Kancsar from Hungary defending his world title from Danish Christian Sorensen. Joudviris is third.

Josh Hart takes the lead of the race tailed by Christian Sorensen and reigning world champion Ferenc Kancsar. It takes only two laps to the 2015 DD2 winner to take the head of the race, while Hart falls to third place behind Sorensen. Sorensen finds some serious speed and challenges Kancsar, while behind them German Pascal Marschall joins the battle for the third place. The leading duo has another pace compared to other rivals, and they create a gap higher than two seconds between them and the third driver, who from lap 10 is Simas Jouodvirsis. Sorensen really wants the title and he tries to pass Kancsar, but the reingning world champion wants it more, and he is able to defend his leadership until the chequered flag. 



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