RMCGF 2016 - Lee Mitchener steals the DD2 Masters title from Antti Ollikainen

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Australian Lee Mitchener steals the DD2 Masters title thanks to an incredible move a few corners before the chequered flag.

Polesitter Dennis Kroes gets the early advantage followed by Scott Campbell and Lee Mitchener, who passes second followed by Antti Ollikainen. Finn driver overtakes Campbell and he challenges Kroes, but in the fight he meets the kart of Luis Schiavo and they touch losing the possibility to fight for the lead. Ollikainen is not satisfied, and he takes the lead from Kroes tailed by Mitchener. In the meanwhile former world champion Ryan Urban, started from 18th position, finds his way to the top and he challenges Kroes for the lowest step of the podium, but he has to settle for sixth after a contact. On the vary last lap Lee Mitchener is the author of a masterpiece: he goes on the oustide line and gets the better of Ollikainen, winning the title. 



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