RMCGF 2016 - Russian Denis Mavlanov is the new 125 MAX World Champion

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Denis Mavlanov takes the most of a great battle on the last lap, grabbing the win he deserved.

Poleman Denis Mavlanov holds the leadership of the race followed by Chris Dreysrping and Franchman Adrien Renaudin, who immediately passes the German driver and a lap later he takes the head of the race. It's not finished yet, and his rivals Dresyspring and Mavlanov pass the leader and start battling between ech other. Ruben Kverkild joins the leading group and on lap 4 he is second, but Reanudin decides to take the runner up position back once again. The leading duo composed by prefinal winners Mavlanov and Renaudin open a gap slighlty lower than three seconds on another duo composed by Petr Bezel and Cody Gillis who in the meanwhild finds his way to the top. On lap 19 Renaudin tries to overtake the leader, and the following drivers join the battle for the final win. A little contact between Dreyspring and Renaudin helps Bezel to back in second position, followed by Turkish Berkay Besler



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