RMCGF - Jayden Els from South Africa triumphs in Mini MAX.

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Another race decided on the last lap: Jayden Els gets the most by a contact between Nurmi and Bernier and crosses the line in first.

Polesitter Thomas Nepveau holds the lead of the race followed by Italian Mari Boya and Enzo Joulie. Heat winner Victor Bernier and Jayden Els join the leading drivers passing Boya, who falls in sixth position. On sixth lap Jayden Els grabs the head of the race thanks to a little mistake of Frenchman Victor Bernier, who falls fourth. Bernier and Finn Luka Nurmi close the gap to the leader and challenge him for the final win, swapping positions on every lap. On the last lap a little contact between Bernier and Nurmi helps Nepveau to grab the second place, and it leaves Els unchallenged for the final win. Nurmi closes in third and Bernier immediately out of the podium. 



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