RMCGF 2016 - Diego Laroque from USA wins the Micro MAX final!

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Diego Laroque takes advantage by a little mistake by his fellow countryman James Egozi and grabs the win on the last lap!

Micro MAX class has always shown incredible races, and the Micro MAX final is no exception. A pack composed by Adrian Mahlero, James Egozi, Diego Laroque, Robert De Haan, Kris Haanen, Elliot Vayron, Daniel Sugar and Vallve Santiago dispute for the final win for almost all the 10 laps of the final race. Anyway in the end the leading trio is composed by Egozi, Mahlero and Laroque, but heats winner De Haan joins them to the fight for the final win. James Egozi is leading the race on the very last lap, when he goes wide on the grass leaving the first spot to his teammate Diego Laroque. 



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