RMCGF 2016 - Thomas Nepveu grabs the Mini MAX prefinal win

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A crazy Mini MAX prefinal is won by Canadian Thomas Nepveu. Heats winner Victor Bernier loses position on the very last lap.

Polesitter Victor Bernier finshes in sitxh position, losing positions on the last lap: the Frenchman was leading the top-five composed by Aries Deukmedjian, Jonny Edgar, Mari Boya and Thomas Nepveu when American Deukmedjian and the Brit Jonny Edgar touch, being forced to restart their karts losing time and positions. After this episode, Bernier is trying to defend his position from Nepveu and Boya, but the Canadian driver finds some serious speed and overtake the leader, who makes a mistake on the last corner shuffling positions behind him.

Nepveu earns the pole position for tomorrow, followed by Frenchman Hadrien David and Luka Nurmi from Finland. 

The final is scheduled for tomorrow at 12:35 local hour. 



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