RMCGF 2016 - Kancsar (DD2) and Guzzi (DD2 Masters) dominate

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A rainy morning becomes a warm afternoon, allowing drivers to race in both dry and wet conditions.


Former Grand Finals Champion Ferenc Kancsar confirms his value by winning three out of three heats today. He gets the better of local hero Cosimo Durante and Swiss driver Kevin Lüdi amongst the others. Eyes on the 14-year-old South African and pole sitter Luca Munaretto, who takes home a second place in heat B+C. Double win for the Christian Sorensen of Denmark who can be a podium pretender for the prefinal. 

"We found a right set up for the kart, and also I've been working hard to fix my driving mistakes. I think that we could be easily in the top 5. I really like this track, I've been here two months ago to test it and know I'm learning it deeper and deeper. I've to pay attention to Cosimo Durante, who proved to be a really good driver. Moreover this is also his home-race, so he surely is well motivated!" says Ferenc Kancsar


The 125 MAX proved to be a very balanced category with six different winners in six heats: Mario Novak from Austria led the qualifying session and he also takes home heat A+B. German Christopher Dreyspring wins the heat C+D ahead of Nikolas Szabo and Noah Roovers. The latter is also the winner of heat A+C. Felix Wange from Belgium wins the heat B+D, leaving the first spot in heat A+D to Frenchman Adrien Renaudin. Denis Mavlanov finishes the day winning the heat B+C.


Fernando Guzzi from Brazil sweeps the Masters category winning the three heats of group B. After the pole position, Nicholas Verheul from South Africa earns a second spot in heat A+C behind Scott Campbell from Canada. Luis Schiavo from USA and Tomokazu Kawase from Japan round out the list of winners. 

"I'm very happy about what I've done today, but now I've to find a good set up for longer races. I won, but my rivals are really close to me: here is pure racing! - says Fernando Guzzi - I raced here thirty days ago, so I had the opportunity to learn the track. This is my fifth year in Rotax, and I really love the atmosphere that they created. It's a pleasure to be here, and I'm looking forward to do a good race: heats and prefinals don't matter, what matters is the final!"


Canadian Ryan Macdermid starts the day with the pole position, and he takes home also the heat A+B. Japanese champion Taira Hibiki masters the group C winning two heats, leaving the third one to Minang Perdana. Local driver Michael Rosina and Matheus Pylka from Poland are the other winners. 

"I definitely prefer wet conditions. I have a good set up also for dry track, but in the rain I feel really confortable. - Japanese Taira Hibiki prays for the rain - I love this track: very technical and fast track. It's my first time here in Italy, and in Sarno as well, so I'm trying to learn quinckly how to drive here. Let's how it goes tomorrow."

Here are the results.

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