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We had a chat with CRG patron Giancarlo Tinini about the end of such a sattisfying, successful season for the firm in Desenzano that has celebrated its 30 anniversary.

What is it that has given you so much success at an international level?
You want me to be honest? Nothing. Or rather, our hard work is always the same, also because, this isn’t the first time that Crg has been so successful. Especially in KZ, a class in which we have had more success than others in these past ten years: 3 World Championhip wins, 4 World Cups, 2 International Super Cup and 6 European championships. We have always done well in the gear class.
This year though, besides winning there are more drivers at the top end of the scoreboard, you are practically monopolising the categories.
There have never been any doubts on Crg material especially the Road Rebel in KZ and the KT2 in the direct drive. Performance has improved, consolidating a standard that allows us to compete at the top.
What can you tell us about the wins in the German championship with con PaavoTonteriin the OK class, Denis Haugerin the Junior; Jorrit Pex in KZ and Max Tubben in KZ2. Without forgetting the Spaniard in KZ2 on behalf of Pedro Hiltbrand, and the titled Spanish X30 Senior with Andrij Pits who also took the Portuguese X30 Super win?
It means westarted off well in the German championship and ended up taking the title in the different classes. And TM’s support with Franco Drudi in KZ and KVS for OK engines and also TB Motorsport’sand CRG Holland’s has contributed on getting these results.
Yes, you have done well with the direct drive this year too.
Maybe because we started racing with a simpler engine, less sophisticated so it’s less subject to interferences… extra-motorsports.
The market registers more attention for CRG brand too…
True, there have been more requests from all over the world recently, Italy included, and not only for the gear-class.
What do you think of the new CIK/FIA dispositions. Say to one to race at the age of 12 in the Junior class?
It’s right, considering that drivers step up to car racing at the age of 15. Furthermore, the physical built of young people isn’t like it was 20 years ago. The average has grown and in our case this aspect makes the difference.
Is the Rotax format still the solution that works best for taking up karting?
The idea is right and more or less they have all picked up from that. Only thing is that the latest updating on the engine has created one or two problems. We are registering a remarkable increase in countries where the Iame X30 championship is held. And over the years also the new Cik direct drive class, the OK, will always be a good alternative production chain that drivers aim for to be able to compete at a good racing level. So, logically speaking, if Rotax doesn’t come up with valid solutions it will be losing more and more drivers.

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