Superkarts! USA announces 2017 Pro Tour schedule

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North America’s top national program introduces new WinterNationals opener in March.

Over the past seven years, the Superkarts! USA Pro Tour has grown into the largest national karting series in North America.  Each event over the past two years has set new attendance marks and, confirming their commitment to building the sport and educating the masses, SKUSA has invested in a program with the CBS Sports Network that is introducing karting to new people with every Pro Tour broadcast.  With a focus on continuing the growth of the series and the exposure of the sport, Superkarts! USA is proud to announce the schedule for the 2017 edition of the Pro Tour, which will feature an evolution in the program.

SKUSA will debut a new race to kick-off the 2017 season, as the first-ever WinterNationals will begin the schedule on March 2-4.  The seventh annual SpringNationals will remain in the month of May and the SummerNationals will be moved to early August to extend the schedule later in the summer. SKUSA officials focused on working within the existing schedules, and in cooperation with the World Karting Association in adding the new event. The biggest change to the program with the addition of the WinterNationals is the SuperNationals will no longer be an official part of the Pro Tour circuit and will once again become a stand-alone event at the end of the season.  The Superkarts! USA Pro Tour will remain a three-event schedule, which will now expand to six races as each event will feature the doubleheader format.  The SummerNationals in August will be the finale for the 2017 Pro Tour and the champions will be crowned at this event.

“I am extremely excited about our newest evolution to the Pro Tour and the announcement of the new WinterNationals,” commented Tom Kutscher, SKUSA CEO, on the continuing evolution of the Superkarts! USA calendar. “Leveraging the SuperNationals as part of the Pro Tour for the first seven years was key to its growth, but now that we’ve hit the point where we are at this time, we can return the SuperNats to its position as a stand-alone race.  We’re very close to confirming the three venues for next year’s Pro Tour, and I’ll be thrilled to have them all in place soon.”

The following is the schedule for the eighth edition of the Superkarts! USA Pro Tour:

2017 Superkarts! USA Pro Tour
March 3-5: WinterNationals
May 5-7: SpringNationals
August 11-13: SummerNationals

The venues for next year’s Superkarts! USA Pro Tour will be announced in the coming weeks.
The 21st running of the SuperNationals will take place in Las Vegas on November 15-19, once again positioned on its traditional date the weekend before Thanksgiving.

In regards to the format of the series, the categories will remain the same as they are in 2016.  SKUSA has listened to the feedback from the paddock, from teams and drivers, and we will be moving to the Qualifying-Prefinal-Final race day approach, which will provide for longer races and shorter days. This will put more emphasis on chassis set-up and should lower a driver’s need to attack as aggressively in trying to advance in the shorter heat races.  It will also tighten up the race days, which has been another request from the racing family.  A target mile distance for the Prefinals and Finals will be set, likely 15 miles for the Prefinals and 20 miles for the Finals.  The primary goal will be to maintain or increase the track time that has been offered in the past.

Press Release by: SKUSA PRO TOUR - 19/09/16

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