Roland Holzner leaves Modena Engines

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Italian engineer specialized on two stroke engines leaves the company based in Modena, but he will collaborate as external consultant through the new Tajama Corporation.

Roland Holzer, after the success in the European KZ2 championship and the second place in the KZ2 Super Cup with Fabian Federer, sent us a letter which communicates his new working position, saying thanks to all those people who collaborate with him during these four years at Modena Engines, where he was technical director. 

"I'd like to comunicate that I left my role of technical director at the Modena Engines, but I will collaborate with them as external consultant". As before mentionated, he will collaborate through his new company, the Tajama Corporation. "I'd like to thank all the internal and external staff with which I've been collaborating during this period at Aspa. A special thank goes to drivers Fabian Federer and Alberto Cavalieri, tuners Renato Andreoli, Matteo Truzzi, Patrick Savard e Mike Siebecke. Above all I'd like to thank the CEO Antonio Gerardi for his faith in me 4 years ago when we started with this project".


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