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After gaining the European KZ2 championship and second place in the Cik/Fia International Super Cup, Modena Engines takes the opportunity of thanking all their collaborators especially Fabian Federer, Maik Siebeck from SRP and Crg.

After 4 years hard work on an international racing level, Modena Engines is at the top of the international gear class gaining the second podium step after the International Super Cup in Sweden with Fabian Federer. So, after gaining podium at the KZ world championship in 2015 with Alberto Cavalieri and the continental KZ2 title this year with Fabian Federer, who was the most competitive of the season thanks to a well performing kart in a very determined motoring panorama, we get another Cik Fia Trophy.
A very important acknowledgement that urges us to carry on doing what we have been doing in this field, and to aim at other important goals.
Thanks again to all our collaborators, Fabian Federer, Maik Siebeck from SRP team and Crg for their important support.

Cik/Fia European KZ2 Championship
  1. Fabian Federer (Crg/Modena Engines)
  2. Stan Pex (Crg/Vortex)
  3. Matteo Viganò (Top Kart/Parilla)
Cik/Fia International KZ2 Super Cup Finishing order
  1. Pedro Hiltbrand (Crg/Maxter)
  2. Fabian Federer (Crg/Modena Engines)
  3. Persson Tornqvist (Crg/Tm)


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