The Awning Company Super One Series Round 7: Fulbeck, July 9/10 2016

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The Super One Series was making its first visit to Fulbeck for a long time, the Lincolnshire track being one of the first in the UK back in the early sixties and relatively unchanged in track layout. It is only a mile from Britain’s most modern circuit at PF International. This round was for Cadets, Rotax and X30 with heavy rain initially on Saturday and dry Sunday.

Owen Johnson held onto fastest qualifying time over Dexter Patterson and Jonny Edgar, with Edgar going onto win both heats and lining up on pole for the first final with Lorcan Hanafin alongside.  Although Hanafin held second off the start, he faded back to sixth and Klaas Kooiker held station behind Edgar for the duration.  In the second final Jenson Butterfield and Clayton Ravenscroft briefly held second, with Ravenscroft even swiftly trading the lead with Edgar before it settled down.  Edgar then led the rest of the race, punctuated by a full course black and yellow, with Kooiker second and closing in during the neutralised period, although he had to retrieve that position from Ravenscroft.  The latter had been defending a long train but once Kooiker was through, Tom Canning and Butterfield followed.  Five karts had 10s penalties for displaced front fairings.  Edgar now lies 15 points behind Butterfield.
Junior Max
Rory Hudson snatched fastest qualifying time from Myles Apps and Joe Turney, with Hudson then taking both heats, the second by quite a margin.  Hudson then led the first final for a few laps before crashing out so Turney took over until the chequer.  William Pettit, Jonathan Hoggard and Mark Kimber all followed but Axel Charpentier was excluded from eighth for driving standards.  As Turney pulled out a 4s gap in the second final, he left Hoggard and Pettit trading second until Tyler Chesterton split them.  Pettitt was dumped to the back of the group for fourth whilst Charpentier recovered to eighth again.  Turney now goes 3 points ahead of Hoggard in these ABkC National Championships. 
IAME Cadet
Joseph Taylor showed first with fastest TQ over Reggie Duhy and Harry Thompson.  A dominant Thompson then powered to a double heats and finals victory and is 21 points ahead of rival Joseph Taylor with only one round to go in the MSA British Cadet Championship.  Jonny Wilkinson won the other heat.  Thompson led the first two thirds of the first final until the chasing Jonny Wilkinson found a gap in his defence on lap 10, not making his life easy.  Thompson waited until the penultimate lap to get his revenge at the Pits Corner, Wilkinson then falling to third behind Taylor and Reggie Duhy up to fourth from the back.  In the second final Thompson enjoyed a lights to flag victory with Wilkinson and Zak O’Sullivan close behind after Taylor fell to sixth on the fourth lap and became mired in the third group.  Reggie Duhy led Matthew Rees over the finish for fourth. 
Junior X30 Qualifier
Gordon Mutch beat Ethan Pitt and Angus Fender to top spot in the timed qualifying list, Fender going onto win both heats and would line up alongside Teddy Pritchard-Williams for the first final grid.  Fender had a lights to flag victory with Pitt behind for the first half, and Mutch for the second half after he recovered from non starting the first heat.  Pitt fell back to fifth, behind Oliver Greetham and Pritchard-Williams.  Mutch sprung a surprise by powering into the lead of the second final with Fender hard on his rear bumper.  They pulled out a 3s gap on the third place battle where Shane White was leap frogging up from fifth to third, and leaving the rest behind.  Harry McQuillan made a late charge up the field to reach seventh whilst Pitt and Ethan Rees traded fourth.  With a couple of laps to run, Fender made his move to take the win and have a cushion of 26 points on Pitt. 
Honda Cadet
Needing two timed qualifying sessions the best Harry Thompson could do on the joint list was sixth.  That list was topped by Sam Heading, Luke Watts and Caden McQueen.  But Thompson won both his heats, Oliver Bearman the other.  Thompson led the first three quarters of the first final, including a neutralised period, but Bearman had got the better of Wesley Mason and then moved successfully on Thompson.  That put him back to  fourth which became fifth as Lucas Ellingham took advantage.  Thompson could only recover to fourth again, Bearman winning from Luke Preston and Sam Heading.  Bearman kept up the advantage through the second final with Thompson chasing and a great deal of shuffling amongst the battle for third.  Alex Eades and Justin Breward had come off on the opening lap whilst Ellingham rushed up to third, but not for long.  Now there was the lead duo, where Thompson found a gap to lead but Bearman struck straight back for the win, and a five kart train for third.  McQueen came out on top of that from Coskun Irfan, Ellingham and Ben Kasperczak who had gained ten places.  Thompson still holds a massive points lead over McQueen.
Senior X30
Josh Collings was quick again, beating Roy Johnson and Jamie Flynn to top TQ spot, then Collings and Johnson each took a heat win.  But Collings took a front fairing 10s penalty in his other heat so would have to battle up the order in the first final.  He made it to third, passing Johnson whilst ahead Matthew Hirst lost the lead to Brett Ward at the halfway stage, Ward having found good pace overnight.  Ward held the lead all through the second final with Collings falling back from a lead challenge to battle with Scott Mackrell for second.  Matt Davies was excluded from fifth for driving standards.  Collings has a slender 5 point lead over Mackrell and Ward with Davies falling to fourth in the standings.
Senior Rotax Max
Josh White made a clean sweep of all results, from TQ through the two heats and both finals.  Josh Collings had been a challenger until the first final where he could only run in sixth then was excluded from the meeting along with Ben Davis for re-attaching their front fairings at the end.  Josh Skelton was second from Harrison Thomas.  White had a scare at the start of the second final when Thomas dived into the lead, but normal order was soon restored.  Thomas fell to third, then fourth and finished fifth.  Skelton had hooked behind White and stayed with him until the end the rest 6s in arrears.  James Johnson settled into third over Charlie Turner.  Jack McCarthy had a subdued meeting, finishing only seventh then having a 10s front fairing penalty to drop three places.  He is 11 points behind White in the standings.
ABkC Mini Max National Championship Final 1: 1 Jonny Edgar (Tony Kart); 2 Klaas Kooiker (Tony Kart); 3 Jenson Butterfield (Tony Kart); 4 Tom Canning (Kosmic); 5 Clayton Ravenscroft (Tony Kart); 6 Lorcan Hanafin (Tony Kart)
Final 2: 1 Edgar; 2 Kooiker ; 3 Canning; 4 Butterfield; 5 Ravenscroft; 6 Dexter Patterson (Kosmic).
ABkC Junior Max National Championship Final 1: 1 Joe Turney (Kosmic); 2 William Pettitt (Tony Kart); 3 Johnathan Hoggard (Kosmic); 4 Mark Kimber (Tony Kart); 5 Tommy Foster (Tony Kart); 6 Thomas Turner (Tony Kart).
Final 2: 1 Turney; 2 Hoggard; 3 Tyler Chesterton (Tony Kart); 4 Pettitt; 5 Foster; 6 Kimber.
MSA British Cadet Championship for IAME Final 1: 1 Harry Thompson (Synergy); 2 Joseph Taylor (Synergy); 3 Jonny Wilkinson (Zip); 4 Reggie Duhy (Synergy); 5 Zak O’Sullivan (Synergy); 6 Georgi Dimitrov (Synergy).
Final 2: 1 Thompson; 2 Wilkinson; 3 O’Sullivan; 4 Duhy; 5 Matthew Rees (Zip); 6 Joshua Rattican (Zip).
Junior X30 International Qualifier Final 1: 1 Angus Fender (Gold); 2 Gordon Mutch (Mad Croc); 3 Teddy Pritchard-Williams (Mad Croc); 4 Oliver Greetham (Alonso); 5 Ethan Pitt (Mach 1); 6 Jake Douglas (Alonso).
Final 2: 1 Fender; 2 Mutch; 3 Shane White (Tony Kart); 4 Pitt; 5 Ethan Rees (Tony Kart); 6 Oliver Clarke (Tony Kart).
ABkC National Championship for Honda Cadet Final 1: 1 Oliver Bearman (Project One); 2 Luke Preston (Project One); 3 Sam Heading (Project One); 4 Harry Thompson (Synergy); 5 Caden McQueen (Zip); 6 Lucas Ellingham (Zip).
Final 2: 1 Bearman; 2 Thompson; 3 McQueen; 4 Coskun Irfan (Zip); 5 Ellingham; 6 Ben Kasperczak (BRK)
Senior X30 International Qualifier Final 1: 1 Brett Ward (Mach 1); 2 Matthew Hirst (Kosmic); 3 Josh Collings (Alonso); 4 Roy Johnson (Alonso); 5 Matt Davies (Tony Kart); 6 Jack Partridge (Gold).
Final 2: 1 Ward; 2 Collings; 3 Scott Mackrell (Tony Kart); 4 Johnson; 5 Partridge; 6 Davey Shepherd (Mach 1).
ABkC Rotax Max National Championship Final 1: 1 Josh White (Tony Kart); 2 Josh Skelton (Tony Kart); 3 Harrison Thomas (Kosmic); 4 Nathan Chafer (LH); 5 Jack McCarthy (Tony Kart); 6 Tom Croyden (Tony Kart).
Final 2: 1 White; 2 Skelton; 3 James Johnson (Tony Kart); 4 Charlie Turner (Tony Kart); 5 Thomas; 6 Morgan Rose (Tony Kart).

Press Release by: TSR Productions - 13/07/16

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