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In the 3rd European event in Portimao a few episodes quite unlucky penalize our drivers, both in OK and OKJ. Nevertheless, the made-in-Prevalle products remains the most popular (33% of the finishers) and in the list of the achievements are at the top. In OKJ class, Watt and Blomqvist’s Tony Kart chassis will run for the title in Genk, on the occasion of the last round of the season.

The awaited test of our David Vidales in OKJ class was partially disappointed by some incidents that have forced our driver in making demanding comebacks, not least in the final when he jumped from the back of the grid until the twelfth position, with fifteen overtakings. Excellent was the sequence of heats performed by Guido Moggia, who qualified twelfth and was then able to close the qualifying heats always in the top four, with the eighth place in the ranking of the heats. In pre-final 1 our Leonardo Marseglia made a good recovery, finishing tenth after starting fifteenth. To keep our brand well up were the many drivers and teams employing Tony Kart chassis. These include Noah Watts of the Ward Racing team, winner of one of the ten heats. In the final were as much as 33% of the Tony Kart at the start. The first under the chequered flag of the final was Martins and at the top of the absolute ranking, one race to the end, remains the Tony Kart-Vortex of Watt. The last round of the European Championship, to be held in late July on the Belgian track of Genk, will be very uncertain and will see many drivers at the wheel of Tony Kart-Vortex chassis fighting for the title.

OK. Marcus Armstrong performed well in the category with no gearbox, as he is doing a season all aimed to KZ. Armstrong led the whole weekend in the top-ten list and finished the final eighth. Clément Novalak has shown high performance but, unfortunately, in the pre-final Novalak had to withdraw at the third lap already and in the final started from the back. However, also in these difficult conditions our driver had been able to highlight the performance of the chassis as well as its qualities, recovering not less than eighteen positions and finishing tenth. Even in OK class, as in OKJ, the last event of the European Championship will be held in Genk and aspiring to the title there will be some drivers who run at the wheel of made-in-Prevalle material. 

OK Junior championship standings

OK championship standings

Press Release by: Tony Kart Racing Team - 01/07/16

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