Handsaeme wins, Bradshaw shocks

- Races
A mechanical issue steals the win to Callum Bradshaw who finishes in second. Xavier Handsaeme wins the race.

Kasparas Vaskelis overtakes the leader immediately after the start and opens a considerable gap. Bradshaw slows down the whole pack because of a mechanical issue and starts loosing position. In the meanwhile the new leader gains a 2 seconds advantage on his runner up, but it takes only a few laps for Xavier Handsaeme to close the gap, and take the first place. The championship leader and poleman Callum Bradshaw doesn't give up, and he fights against his engine in fourth place. After a few laps the problem seems to be solved and he starts closing the gap with his rivals, and steps back on the podium overtaking Vaskelis and finishing in second place.

Here the result.


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